Your project

We advise and accompany individual buyers who are short of time and information.


From the search for the property to the handing over of the keys, through the choice of materials and the signature at the notary's office, we are present at every stage of your project.


Whether it is your future main residence or a rental investment - with or without tax reduction - whether you live in France or abroad.

A project of principal residence?

You want to improve your living comfort while saving on work and costs: new homes are made for you.


Are you eligible for financial aid such as the Zero Rate Loan (PTZ) and VAT reduced to 5.5%?


New homes will allow you to become a homeowner in the best financial conditions.

Case Study

Alexandre is a chef in Paris where he lives in a flat share next to the bustling Pigalle (18th). At the age of 25, he no longer wants to pay non-refundable rents. He is in no hurry to move: he has therefore chosen to buy his first main residence in new real estate in the Parisian suburbs.


After studying several programs in Clichy, Asnières and Saint-Ouen, we introduced him to Colombes, one of the host cities of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. At the heart of an ambitious urbanization plan, the proposed new real estate program allowed him to benefit from a reduced VAT rate for his future main residence.


Thus, he bought new at the old price while benefiting from reduced notary fees and a construction to the latest standards.

A rental investment project?

Do you want to invest in Greater Paris, your hometown or a major regional metropolis in order to prepare for the future?


New homes allow you to take advantage of favourable financial and tax conditions.


Paying your taxes differently, building up capital or anticipating the transfer of your assets: we advise you from the definition of your project to its completion.

Case Study

Anne-Marie is a dynamic 49 year old single woman. She has finished repaying the loan on her main residence and wants to invest in the South West where she comes from. The objective of her rental investment under the Pinel law? To pay less tax and benefit from attractive interest rates just under 20 years from retirement.


We therefore offered him new programmes in Anglet, Bidart and Bayonne before setting his sights on a small residence in Biarritz. Thanks to this rental investment, Anne-Marie will benefit from a 54,000 € tax reduction over the next 9 years.


Then, she will choose between renting this furnished 2-room apartment close to the town centre and the beaches, making it a pied-à-terre for her family holidays, or selling it with a capital gain.

Don't you live in France?

Whether you are in New York, Shanghai, Dubai or Dakar, investing in France has never been easier: our real-time access to the stock of our 350 partner promoters allows you to benefit from market opportunities adapted to your project.


Your adviser will manage the steps for you of the different interlocutors, from the search for bank financing to the notary signature.


Without moving, and at guaranteed promoter prices.


Case Study

Claire, 43 years old, lives in Hong Kong where she has been working for a multinational company for 3 years. She has just carried out a retirement simulation whose results - a 40% drop in her income - seem insufficient to maintain her family's quality of life when she stops working.


Thus she wishes to make a rental investment next to La Défense in order to receive additional income upon retirement.


After validating his budget, we proposed three rental investment projects in the Hauts-de-Seine (92). Claire finally retained Courbevoie (92).

This 2 rooms furnished rental will allow him to benefit from an additional income of 1.300 € per month. This in a fiscal framework adapted to his situation.